Attendees List: Augmented World Expo 2019


Counts: 7,950 contacts

Titles: CEOs, CTOs, Designers, Developers, Creative agencies, Futurists, Analysts, Investors.


Augmented World Expo2019 Email List  

  • Augmented World Expo 2019 is the biggest AR & VR conference and expo. The 2019 event was a celebration of AWE’s 10th anniversary. It was held in May at Santa Clara, USA. Global CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts and investors were a part of this conference.   
  • Our Augmented World Expo 2019 Email List offers accurate and verified contact addresses of the attendees of the event. Our database helps you to form new business networks. And to expand your customer base  

Location: USA  

Delivery:Customers can download the list, after the payment is made.   

Attendees list:Augmented World Expo 2019 

Job titles in our Email List: 

  • Designers 
  • Developers 
  • Analysts   
  • C-level executives 

Customer Industry:  

  • Augmented Reality 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Smart & Wearable Technology 

Contacts:Access toover 7,950 permission-based contacts   

Data Fields:Our data consists of detailed customer information like: Contact names (first, middle and last), phone numbers and mailing addresses.   

Easy Payment Option:PayPal   

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About our Attendees lists 

Things we check before collecting and building Attendees database 

  • Recipients in our list have a registered attendance, anticipated attendance (pre-registration) to attend a particular listed show.  
  • The timeliness of our lists depends upon the schedule of the show. For instance: Current or past edition of the show. Irrespective of the current or past edition of show, we regularly update our master database. Also, we recheck the contacts for accuracy and email deliverability. Hence, it would enhance the credibility of your campaigns. 

Steps involved in building our Attendees list  

Experts at ProDataLabs conduct regular data quality checks that enhance email deliverability and accuracy. We follow a systematic data building process with high data quality standardsHere are the steps we follow to build a high-quality Attendee Database.   

1. We collect customer data from a wide variety of data sources offline and online.

Here are some of those sources.  

  • Previous year Attendees List 
  • Online magazines and subscriptions  
  • Business White Pages Card Collectors  
  • Business Newswires 
  • Compilation of specialized trade show Attendance lists 
  • B2b Portals, and many more.  

2. We also buy customer information from vendors who specialize in commercializing their database. These vendors would have already collected the list from trade expos, conferences, or events.   

3. After collecting the list, we append the data. We remove the missing or outdated information from the list and fill up the empty fields that lack current customer information.   

4. Our telemarketing team verifies the aboveprepared information with the prospects. We have included the list of only those prospects, who have agreed to communicate with third parties. Hence, we prepare an opt-in list of attendees by identifying their interest in attending a show, event, expo, or conference.  

5. Our company or compilers do not hold any relationship with the listed event. We compile and collate this information for each event with the above collection efforts. Also, we don’t market the lists as an official buyer list.  

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